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The Bookish Edit: Creators Worth a Follow

Hello everyone!

A couple weeks ago I listed some of my favorite crochet blogs and Instagrams. This week I wanted to share some of the tiktok/Instagram/bloggers that I really enjoy. Book related content is all over the internet and there’s a niche for everyone, these are some of the accounts that I love the best.

Let's get into it!

Authentically Amy Reads

Regulars of my blog will know that one of my best friends, Amy, runs her own blog and Instagram named Authentically Amy Reads. She actually inspired me to take the leap into my own blog. I don’t even know where to begin with Amy. She’s wonderful, funny and not afraid to share her opinions. We have semi similar tastes in reading but the passion I feel for fantasy books pales in comparison to Amy’s passion for romance novels. Her blog and Instagram are filled with bookish and non bookish content that is super enjoyable. Everyone should check her page out!


I found Ayman's account on tiktok first. Her content covers everything from book recs to discussions about representation in books. I love her content. I think she's super funny and has created her own unique niche of content.


The tiktok algorithm recommended Zoe to me. I started seeing her tiktok, liked her content and moved over to Instagram. On tiktok she does book recs, recaps of her reading and other book related content. I’ve found so many recommendations on her pages by my favorite definited is In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park. She also has a blog that I will link down below. I really like her overall aesthetic and book choices so everyone should definitely check her out!


I found Grace on tiktok. Her tiktoks are funny and she’s not afraid to use her platform to speak out on issues. I love that she’s a fellow Boricua and love her taste in books. I feel like sometimes tiktoks can be a bit impersonal but its easy to connect with her and her content. Everyone should check out her page!


T he Instagram discover page led me to Katie’s page. I absolutely adore her overall aesthetic. My favorite are the post she does with written notes on the image. I think it looks super cool but clean and uniform. She also runs a blog that I often check out. Her stories are super fun, and her dogs are so cute. She and I also have similar book tastes, so I have gotten a few recommendations from her. Her page is worth checking out!

These accounts and people inspire my own content and give me ideas on how to make my own content. They are such wonderful accounts and you should definitely check them out. Let me know if you guys have any bookish content creators you love.

Until the next post!


Authentically Amy Reads

Instagram: @authenticallyamyreads

Aymans Books

Instagram: @aymnasbooks

Tiktok: @aymansbooks

Books By Zoe

Instagram: @booksbyze

Tiktok: @booksbyz


Instagram: @grapie.deltaco

Tiktok: @grapiedeltaco


Instagram: @katieelizabeth_reads

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