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Pattern Review - Sea Breeze Tank by For The Frills

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Hello everyone!

I am back again with a pattern review!

This time we will talking about the Sea Breeze Tank Top by Grace of for the frills.

For the frills is a blog run by Grace. She runs a crochet design blog where she has a multitude of her own crochet patterns.

I initial found her patterns on the LoveCrafts (@lovecraftscom) insta stories sharing one of her patterns. I went to her blog and have since purchased quite a few patterns. This is the first pattern I have completed.

The Sea Breeze Tank is a tank top that is worked in two identical pieces that are then sewed together. The first one I made was in an extra small for my sister.

My sister, Kaylee, in her top. She wears an xs.

The top starts with the two triangles that make the straps and neck of the top that are connected and then the body is made. After the body there is a hem with pronounced double crochet stitches and then you repeat the steps and sew it together.

While working on this pattern I also used yarn that I had not previously used that I picked up at Close Knit, the small yarn store in Evanston, IL. It was Ella Rae Cosy Alpaca in color 43 for the extra small top and Ella Rae Cosy Alpaca in color 46 for the first medium top. I found the pink to fray and fall apart as I used it whereas the green was easier to use. I’m not sure if this a standard issue or if I just received a poor hank of yarn.

Please note that I used the ad free PDF version of the pattern that I bought off of her etsy. There is the option to read the pattern off her blog or purchase them from ravelry or I find that her patterns are worth the purchase without the ads. This is totally up to your preference.

The pattern was clear and easy to follow. Pattern sizing runs from xs to 3xl. The savior for me were the pattern note at the beginning. I typically will skim a pattern and gloss over the pattern notes which will always cause issues for me when I jump into the pattern and can’t read it. Another aspect of the pattern that I appreciated was that each section was clearly labeled with headers.

I loved this pattern. It was easy to follow and the top is super cute.

Be on the look out for other reviews of the patterns from her blog, I have about 4 other patterns on my list to tackle. All of her links will be below as well as the yarn I used. Until the next post!


Instagram: @forthefrills

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