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Pattern Review - Off the Shoulder Top by Designs by Key

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Hello everyone!

I’ve decided that as an mid level advanced, a term I use quite loosely, skilled crocheter, I wanted to share my experiences making different patterns I have tried and what my finished product looks like.

The first project I completed was the Off the shoulder top by Key of designs by key (@designsbykey). It was my first garment pattern and the garment I ever crocheted.

I found her pattern through the LoveCrafts instagram story and fell absolutely in love with it. Their swipe up link led me straight to the pattern and I started planning from there.

Her patterns are all size inclusive, sizes ranging from XS all the way to 5XL. She has other garment patterns on her blog, also named designs by key, and some patterns include a YouTube tutorial linked as well.

I made one of myself in a medium and one for my sister in an xs. When I try patterns for the first time I typically make it for my sister for two reasons. One, she wears an xs so I can get the feel of the project without worrying about wasting too much yarn if its not great and two, she'll wear whatever I make so I don't have to worry about anything being too ugly.

My sister, Kaylee, in her top. She wears an xs.

For both tops it is recommended that you use a foundation half double crochet. For those who do not know, a foundation half stitch creates both the chain and first row of stitches. I, however find foundation stitches to be quite difficult and something that I need more practice on. instead, I did a standard chain then half double crocheted across. Doing it this way however makes the arm band a little tighter.

The pattern is written in a way that is quite easy to follow, but if you are a visual learner the video is just as clear.

The top is worked top down and in rounds. I found that this made it a quick project to work on. For both tops I made in extra small it took about 8 hours to work on and approximately 9 hours for the medium. This however is a gauge of the pace that I work at the time I can dedicate to projects.

Overall, I found this pattern to be the perfect first garment pattern to follow. It was clear, concise and well written. I had no issues trying to decipher what I was meant to be doing next.

I look forward to following another one of her patterns. All of her links will be below as well as the yarn I used. Until the next post!


Instagram: @designsbykey

Yarn: Caron One Pound in Soft Pink

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