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DCP Bucket List - Fall 2022

Hello everyone!

Today is check in day for my Disney College Program! I have no words to capture how truly excited I am for this. For today’s post I decided that I wanted to list my top 10 items on my DCP bucket list. While my list is already super long, I want to highlight my top 10 items that I want to make sure to complete.

Let’s get into it!

10. Visit all the resorts

There are 20 different resorts on property at Disney World, I have only ever stayed at three different resorts: All Star Sports, Port Orleans Riverside, and Pop Century. I have eaten at a couple different resorts, but I haven’t seen most of the resorts. I have been to the Polynesian a couple times and my family always eats at Cape May Café at The Beach Club. I would love to try and see all of them while I’m there.

9. Go to Cast Connections

Cast Connections is a cast member store that offers discounted merchandise, cast member exclusive items, and other items on property. I would love to visit the store and see what exactly they sell and how deep the discount is.

8. Take a solo trip to each park

This one doesn’t seem super exciting, I know it can be more fun to go to the parks in a group, but I’m trying to be better about doing things by myself. I want to try going to the movies or concerts by myself, its something that I’ve been

7. Go to all the EPCOT festivals

I love EPCOT and I’m so excited to be working there. I have gone to two festivals so far, Food and Wine and Flower and Garden, but I really want to go to all of the festivals at EPCOT. I’m particularly excited to experience Festival of the Arts. My sister and I have been talking about it forever and I’m making it a goal to attend.

6. Rope drop all four parks

I am an early riser, so I’d like to rope drop all four parks at least once during my program. In May my sister and I rope dropped Animal Kingdom and had a really nice morning just walking around and taking everything in. Though my favorite part definitely was sitting an enjoying the Tree of Life while eat breakfast.

5. Drink around the world

This one is super popular as both a bucket list item and a thing to do at Disney. World Showcase in EPCOT has such a large variety of food and drinks that eating or drinking around the world is super popular. I would love to try to do some variation of either drinking or eating around the World Showcase at least once on my program.

4. Go to Universal

On our family vacations we always went to Disney World but never Universal. I am DYING to go and see the Harry Potter sections of these parks as well as the other attractions. I’m still on the fence about getting an annual pass but I definitely want to go at least once to each park to see and experience everything.

3. See the ocean

I mentioned this in my DCP tag post, which I’ll link here, that my number one non-Disney item was to see the ocean. Coming from the Midwest the largest body of water I’ve seen is Lake Michigan and I’m dying to see the ocean.

2. Attend After Hours Events

When my siblings and I went to Disney in October 2021 we went to Boo Bash and had the best time. I’m trying to make it a goal to attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and hopefully Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I would also like to try and attend any CP after hours events as well. I definitely think that they’re world the cost to attend these events.

1. Four parks in one day

This is definitely on everyone’s list but I’m dying to try and do all four parks in one day. I think there’s just something super fun and challenging about trying to enter all of the parks within a day. I know with the current reservation system it can definitely be tricky, but I think it’s worth a shot to try.

I'm so happy and excited to be here and can't wait to start checking things off of my list. I'm really looking forward to this program and everything I'm going to experience.

Until next time!

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