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DCP Application Process

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is on the application process for the Disney College Program! I know that the whole process seems a bit overwhelming, and I know I did a lot of researching about the application process. I wanted to compile my experience, tips, and the process all into one post that will hopefully be helpful for future prospective applicants.

Let’s get into it!


Applications are not open year-round for the program. The arrivals are split between Spring and Fall arrivals. Essentially it works in terms of semesters. Spring and Spring Advantage participants work what would typically be a spring semester at college. Fall and Fall Advantage participants work what would typically be a fall semester. Disney is currently still accepting applications for the Fall and Fall Advantage programs with arrival dates as early as May 2022 and as late as October 2022. The application is currently no longer open for fall arrival dates; I will however link the page with the open applications for other internships below. Disney recently announced that they are reopening their International College Program and are currently accepting applications for those programs.


The application is basically a standard application. It asks for all your basic information including previous work experience, basic personal information as well as information about your school. The application will also give you the option to attach a resume. I would strongly suggest that you do attach the resume. While you do put in all the information into the application itself, when someone is reviewing your profile, a resume is a nice additional document to have. Your resume also gives you the opportunity to include non-work experience that helps build information about you. Are you president of a student lead group at your college? Do you have prior volunteer experience? These additional tidbits of information help show the skills you have that may not be related to previous jobs.

When I was looking up posts and videos about the application, I noticed that there was a lot of emphasis on including “search terms” and “keywords” that will flag your application in the system. But I think the focus should be on you. You’re the one applying, its your experience and opinions that matter.

Web Based Interview (WBI)

After you submit your application, you may be sent a link to complete the web-based interview, or WBI. The WBI is a timed interview with yes or no questions as well as scale questions (how likely you are to agree/describe yourself as… from least to most likely). This is the trickiest part of the whole application process. Before the pandemic, when applying to the program, after the WBI if you moved on in the application process you also had a phone interview with casting which allowed the recruiters to get a better feel for your personality and background. Currently, the only interview you complete is the WBI. That being said, while it can be daunting the experience doesn’t need to trip you up. The interview is split into two parts, the multiple-choice questions, and the scale questions. The multiple-choice section poses hypothetical scenarios in which you have to choose what you think is the best response to the situation. The scale questions are used to get a better understanding of who you are. They ask questions about your work style, temperament and living habits.

The best advice I can give on the WBI is the following:

  • Find the best spot to do the interview – The WBI is basically a timed personality quiz. Find a quite/no distractions. I did it in my bedroom and sent my dog out of the room. I treated it like a test for school and found I was able to focus the best that way.

  • Answer the questions truthfully – If you are more introverted than extroverted say so. Do not choose the answers you think they want to hear. Its about getting to know you so answer in the way that best reflects you.

  • Stay consistent – There were definitely questions that were the same question just phrased differently to test you. If you’re asked if you are a morning person and then asked if you did your best work at night you would want to make sure your answers were consistent. I know that there feels like there’s a ton of pressure with the time limit but its important to stay consistent.

  • Read the questions aloud – The phrasing of certain questions can be tricky. I suggest reading them aloud to make sure you understand what you’re answering. If you don’t feel confident in this maybe have someone you trust sit in the room with you and have them read the questions aloud or have them help you clarify what they’re asking.

  • Relax – While the interview is important to the application process its just an interview. Answer all the questions to the best of your ability. And if you don’t pass its okay! When I applied in the fall, I didn’t pass the WBI. It’s not a poor reflection of you. It’s meant to be tricky to weed out people who aren’t the best fit.


After you complete the WBI it’s a waiting game. You can receive an acceptance anywhere from a week after you apply to months later. I applied the day the Spring application opened and waited a week for my acceptance. Acceptances typically come out on Mondays and people say they “caught the wave” for whatever day they were accepted. If you are not accepted you will receive an email or you application status will says no longer in consideration, or NLIC. I consider myself very lucky to have caught a wave so early on and to have been accepted at all.

The application process can be daunting especially if you don’t know how it works. I hope this helps anyone thinking about applying or has questions about the application. I plan to do a post about the process after acceptance and all the steps leading up to your arrival date.

Until next time!


DCP Internship Page:,74098,74116,undefined&ascf=[{%22key%22:%22job_level%22,%22value%22:%22Internships%20/%20Programs%22}]

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