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True Loaf by Austen Johnson

Hello everyone!

Today I have a book review of True Loaf by L. Austen Johnson. Thank you, Lore and Lyre, and NetGalley for the advanced readers copy of the audiobook.

Let’s get into it!

Here are the quick facts: True Loaf by L. Austen Johnson Audiobook Lore and Lyre/ Independent Book Publishers Association Publishing Date: July 27, 2021 Genre: New Adult/Sci Fi & Fantasy/YA Rating: 4/5 stars Length: 16 minutes Riley works at a local bakery where a strange man enters and asks for yarrow bread. This sends Riley into the dark woods at night and into a small adventure. She travels into the forest at night in search of yarrow to bake bread for the strange man who entered the bakery.

I really enjoyed the story telling and set up. I wish it were longer so the story arc would not have been as rushed. I understand it was a short story so the narrative arc wasn't going to be long, but I enjoyed the set up so much I wish it were longer.

The narrator did a fantastic job of setting the scene and making it feel real. I don’t know a ton of Baltic folklore so I can’t make the comparison between the two, but the story felt like something you would listen too on the Myths and Legends podcast. The choice in narrator was great. I think that she embodied the character so well it added to the story. Overall, I really recommend checking it out. If audiobooks aren't your style you can also read the short story. Again, thank you to NetGalley and Lore and Lyre for the advanced copy!

True Loaf is out July 27, 2021 I will link websites where you can purchase the audiobook.


L. Austen Johnson:

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