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Bang for your buck: Non Amazon bookstores

Hey everyone!

The pandemic and the reality of working conditions at Amazon have caused a big decrease in the number of orders I place through Amazon. Unfortunately, sometimes Amazon is the only place to get certain items and for the lowest prices. I’ve really switched up how and where I buy books from and thought I’d list where I shop and why. This is by no means me bashing anyone who still uses Amazon, I do too. I just try and find the books I’m looking for somewhere else first.

Let's get into it!

Barnes and Noble

I LOVE Barnes and Noble. There is no place I’d rather be than Barnes and Noble on pay day, which spoiler alert I do way too often. I’m a total sucker for their buy one get one 50% off table of paper backs. I just really love Barnes and Noble. I do have a membership there. Their membership includes free shipping, 40% off hardcover bestsellers, 10% off in store, and exclusive in store offers. I love this rewards program and for only $25 a year its totally worth it.

Books A Million

I found this website while ordering the Bridgerton books. They were the only website selling them at a reasonable price with a good deal (buy 2 get the 3rd free). The shipping is quick and there always seems to be some sort of deal going on. They also sell other non-book products like Funko Pops, toys and puzzles. They have a rewards plan called the Millionaire’s Club. This rewards program offers free shipping, 10% off each order and 40% off of best sellers for $25 a month. I do not have the membership because I have a Barnes and Noble membership and honestly don’t need both.


This website allows you to buy books from independently owned books stores all around the country. All of your purchases also raise money for independently owned stores. I've bought a couple books from bookshop but its not necessarily my first choice. I like the ability to connect with small shops and not spend money at another big corporation.


Target really has everything, including a good array of books. You’re not likely to find a huge selection in store, but the selection they have is pretty good. Most of their books are already 20% off the printed price which is an incentive to buy there and not somewhere else. At my Target they have a mix of popular children’s, YA and adult books in both paperback and hard cover. If you’re just browsing there always seems to be something worth the purchase, especially at their prices.


This gem of a site was recommended to me by tiktok, which also really influences the books I’ve added to my never ending tbr. They sell new and used books. You really have to watch what you put in your cart on the site cause one day the used book you have in your cart is there and the next it’s sold out. I always check for books I want here first. I try to buy used for the books from questionable authors or the ones that have been out for a while. There is some really good deals, I got Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard for $5 and most of the other books for under $10. Plus, once you spend a certain amount of money for points you receive a free book. I think that’s a pretty good deal.

If you have any recommendations for other stores to shop at let me know! I never need an excuse to buy more books!

Until the next post!


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